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Anita Athena Ibru

Principal Consultant, Corporate Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion

Anita Kouassigan is a business catalyst and consultant between London and Lagos. A serial entrepreneur and networker, Anita brings extensive expertise in media, inclusion programming, human capital investment, and corporate social responsibility. She is the founder and managing partner of Investing In Women, a global social impact organization centered around connecting, empowering, and amplifying women - via the creation of content, her engagements as a speaker, and the hosting of live media events.


In addition to her consulting career, Anita writes a column for The Guardian, a leading multi-platform media group. She brings experience from her work having entered into licensing agreements with global publishing brands such as Time Out International. She also self-published a festival guide for CPH: Africa, the first ever Nollywood Film Festival at the Danish Film Institute: Cinemateket with whom she collaborated with by offering access to film industry leaders.


Anita holds a BSc degree in Politics (University of Bristol), and a Post-Graduate Degree in Law and the Legal Practice Course (College of Law, London). Anita also sits on the board of Trustees of the Aplori Foundation (AP Leventis Ornithological Research Institute).

+44 777 578 6977

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Tristan Clavel

Consultant / Risk Analysis 

Tristan Clavel is a strategy and business intelligence consultant dedicated to helping clients soundly develop core business management activities.

His experience in security risk management and qualitative field research offers a unique perspective to guide clients through evidence-based and strategic decision-making. His previous engagements include political trends and security developments in Colombia, the Northern Triangle and the Southern Cone regions (for the InSight Crime research centre), and providing security consulting services for the Amarante International firm based in Paris, France.

Tristan holds a Masters degree in International Strategy Analysis from the Institute for International and Strategic Relations (Institut des Relations Internationales et Stratégiques) with a specialization in defense, security, and crisis management issues. He is also a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science where he holds a BSc in international relations and political developments.

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Tristan Clavel
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