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Strategy Consulting & Business Development

Brand & Reputation Management

Human Capital, D&I, and CSR

Digital Solutions and Product Development

Data Analytics and Customer Insights

Customer Experience Design

Content Development & Media Production


Go-to-market strategy (U.S., EMEA)

Publishing and media partnerships (Nigeria, U.K.)

Mid-market M&A research and strategy (U.S.A., U.K.)

Digital transformation of global financial services firm (U.S.A)

Launching next-generation self-service platforms (France

Brand and lead generation campaign management (EMEA)


Innovation and business transformation management

Market research and commercial due diligence

Corporate responsibility, sustainable development
Competitive analysis and consumer insights

End-to-end customer experience and CRM  

Segmentation, hyper-localization, and targeting  

Marketing strategy and omni-channel media mix 

Brand and lead generation campaigns 

Communications, PR, and reputation management

Web / social / VOC analytics and intelligence 

Content development and media production

Human capital and recruitment

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